Today we’re announcing the launch of the Stable isolated pool! Use it at

The Stable pool has 6 reserves: USDC, USDT, UST, UXD, USDH, and PAI. Lend them out for yield or use them as collateral to borrow others.

Since the pool consists of nothing but stablecoins, loan-to-value ratios have been set to 95%. This means that you can open a position with up to 20x leverage! We expect this to be useful for trading strategies such as basis trading and arbitrage.


Usage of the Stable pool will be incentivized with the following:

  • 1x SLND for USDC borrows
  • 20K HBB for USDH borrows
  • 660K UXP for UXD deposits

These incentives will run for one month, starting 2h after the pool launches (2022–03–25 20:00 UTC).